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Our tax fraud defense attorney in Orlando has a primary defense to show your actions were not done on purpose and that you did not intend to defraud the IRS. In the government's case, a key element is to prove that you willfully did something you knew was against the law. If you don't confess to this or there is no one to testify on the government's behalf, only circumstantial evidence can be used to reasonably prove that you are guilty. Without this proof of intent, the prosecution's case can be fatally weakened.

There are other situations where our tax fraud defense attorney in Orlando works to utilize his near 20+ years of experience to aggressively defend your rights towards obtaining the best possible outcome in your case. Sometimes, the examiner in an IRS tax audit will mislead a taxpayer regarding whether or not there is a criminal tax investigation into their case.

When it can show that this covert action resulted in an individual laying aside their rights against illegal search and seizure and caused them to give information to the examiner, this may be used to make the data gathered inadmissible.

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Our Plan Of Action

In most cases, an investigation or subsequent charges for tax fraud come from a tax examiner referral. Suppose our office assists in preparing your tax return, including any past due returns, and we can represent you at your audit; our goal then becomes to minimize the reasons why an investigation may be launched against you in the first place.

If you want to know, "How safe is my information?" the answer is it is only protected by the attorney-client privilege, which does not extend to a tax accountant. This illustrates why it is essential for our tax fraud defense lawyer in Orlando to be involved very early on with your taxes.

The blocking of an IRS summons, applying the statute of limitations to your case, or ensuring that proper use of circumstantial evidence is adhered to by the IRS, may also produce a favorable outcome in your case.

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