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Criminal Investigation

When the IRS, through a tax audit or other means, feels that there is ample evidence to suggest that you have committed a tax crime, your case can be turned over to the Criminal Investigation Division (CID). The CID will develop leads and attempt to procure evidence of criminal activity from a variety of sources including ex-spouses, business competitors, employees, informers and civil audits.

The IRS does not want to waste its resources on cases that won't produce results and they will do all they can to see that every facet of your tax situation is probed. In our office, Attorney Brian Loughrin uses his near 20+ years of experience as a proven Orlando IRS tax relief lawyer to aggressively fight to get a favorable result when you are being prosecuted for a tax crime.

Types of Tax Crimes

Evading the payment of income tax or engaging in actions intended to defraud the IRS, in order to pay a lesser amount of taxes, are two of the most common types of tax crimes. If an individual intentionally fails to collect, pay over or account for taxes when they are legally required to do so, this is also a tax crime. When there are false or fraudulent statements on your return, you can be prosecuted. If you willfully fail to file a tax return, pay taxes that are owed or refuse to supply requested information, you may be charged as well. Aiding or abetting tax fraud is also a tax crime which will be prosecuted.

Unfortunately, most CID investigations are conducted without your knowledge. That is why it is imperative, when you have any indications that you are being investigated, to retain a knowledgeable tax attorney. Your legal and constitutional rights need to be protected so they will not be lost or waived during the investigation. Misdemeanor or felony charges await those accused of tax crimes and, if found guilty, punishments will be steep fines and prison sentences in terms of years. It is vital, therefore, that we begin work quickly on your case.

To understand tax crimes, their consequences and how they can be defended against, contact an Orlando IRS tax relief attorney today.

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