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Attorney-Client Privilege

How safe is my information?

There are many reasons and instances that you will want to protect your tax information, documentation and even discussions from the IRS. When you are undergoing an IRS tax audit, one of the items a knowledgeable Orlando IRS tax relief lawyer will advise you on is to not volunteer or provide any information that has not been specifically requested. If you are being investigated or have been charged with tax fraud or any type of tax crime, you may not want the government to be privy to all of your data. Even if you have past due returns and are not certain how to resolve this tax problem, you want to be certain that the information you give to a tax professional is kept safe.

An accountant or tax attorney will need all information related to your taxes in order to do his or her best job. Lack of this vital data can produce an unfavorable resolution to your tax situation and can cause it to escalate. How then, can you be certain that your tax documents, supporting evidence, correspondence and your conversations with a tax professional are safe? The only way you can be sure is by using a tax lawyer, such as Attorney Brian Loughrin.

Attorney-Client Privilege for Tax Issues

Tax lawyers are afforded the "attorney-client" privilege when working with clients. This means that the information you supply to us, related to your taxes, is protected and kept confidential. Accountants and enrolled agents are not covered by this privilege. If the IRS summons one of these individuals to produce your tax information, they must comply, making your full records available to the IRS. We, on the other hand, can legally refuse to go along with the summons.

In tax court or other situations, if your accountant or other tax professional is subpoenaed by the government, they can end up testifying against you and revealing all of your confidential tax information. We want you to feel secure in the knowledge that your documents and discussions will be protected, while we work energetically to produce the best outcome possible to your tax problem.

Contact an Orlando IRS tax relief attorney to learn how your tax information can be kept confidential and safe from the IRS.

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