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Orlando Tax Relief Attorney: IRS Audits

Preparing for a Tax Audit

Facing an IRS tax audit is an incredibly daunting experience and one which you do not want to have without adequate preparation or sufficient knowledge of the procedure and relevant laws. Simply leaving the process and results in the hands of the IRS is a dangerous approach, as even an innocent comment or something said in jest can cause you unforeseen trouble even after your audit is complete.

Having an Orlando IRS tax relief attorney can make a world of difference, not only by providing you a less stressful experience but also by putting professional representation in front of the IRS agent conducting your audit. A tax attorney knows how to address these situations honestly but strategically and the IRS agent may well be easier to liaise with as he or she appreciates working with someone who knows the tax codes.

Orlando IRS Tax Relief Lawyer

Although correspondence audits - those in which the IRS requests you mail in additional information - can often seem relatively simple, they must also be treated carefully. Failing to provide the correct information can result in an in-person audit. Our office can provide guidance with a correspondence audit as well as representing you for an in-person audit. In the latter case, it may be possible for us to take care of the audit itself without you even having to be there.

Every audit needs to be approached diligently and intelligently. A careless address of one audit year or item can lead to an examination of additional tax years and deductions not included in the original audit letter. Attorney Brian Loughrin and our legal team will be there with you every step of the way with the ultimate goal of a "No Change" letter (if appropriate), or the least possible tax assessed, per your rights under the law.

Contact an Orlando IRS tax relief attorney for help through the entire audit process.

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