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Preventing an Audit

By working with Attorney Brian Loughrin, a proven Orlando IRS tax relief attorney, you can find out how to greatly decrease the possibility of the IRS selecting you for an audit. There are many methods to survive an IRS audit, but through proper income accounting procedures and the prompt and correct filing of your returns, our office works towards the goal of avoiding them all together.

If an audit cannot be prevented, Brian will personally work with you from the beginning to the end of your case with the IRS, striving for the best outcome possible no matter what the circumstances.

The percent of audits of personal income tax returns is extremely low. There are signs, or "red flags" that the IRS does looks for, however, in selecting an individual to audit and we want you to know some of those key areas.

Red Flag Tax Audit Situations

Although this is not an exhaustive list, following are some of the signs the IRS will look for when deciding to audit an individual:

  • Making deductions which are disproportionate to your level of income
  • Claiming deductions which cannot be substantiated
  • Failing to report all taxable income (a type of tax crime)
  • Making math mistakes which can invite IRS inquiries
  • Failure to report an offshore or foreign bank account which can lead to investigation and criminal charges
  • Taking significant auto use, travel, entertainment or meal deductions
  • Having a large rise in the amount of money that you make from one year to the next can cause the IRS to give you unwanted attention
  • The IRS knows that some people have taken advantage of deductions taken for large donations to charity and these can also bring about scrutiny into your return
  • Another abused area of deductions is when individuals do not meet the requirements for or claim incorrectly high home office deductions
  • As the possibility exists of not reporting all taxable income to the IRS, cash businesses are more likely to be audited if proper accounting and tax returns are not done

With nearly 20+ years of successful experience in helping taxpayers, our office is fully prepared to assist you to overcome your tax situations.

To find out what actions can be taken to avoid an IRS audit, contact an Orlando IRS tax relief attorney from our office today.

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