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Do you disagree with your tax debt?

The United States Tax Court provides a forum for taxpayers to resolve their disputes with the IRS. This forum was established by the U.S. Constitution and allowed people to take up their cases without paying their tax deficiency first. The same does not hold for tax disputes in a U.S. District Court, the Court of Federal Claims, or Bankruptcy Court.

Very specific rules govern tax courts, and the judges that preside are thought of as experts in tax law. Therefore, you will want to be represented by a tax court lawyer in Orlando who is specifically licensed to practice before the Tax Court, such as Attorney Brian Loughrin from our office.

The IRS will give you a notice of determination or deficiency, usually after an IRS tax audit. We look over what the IRS has done and, in consultation with you, see if we agree with the IRS's assessment of your tax liability. If our tax court attorney in Orlando determines that you have a case for the Tax Court, there is a specific amount of time to file a petition to get your case heard before the court.

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Tax Court Cases

Our tax court lawyer in Orlando will use his nearly 20+ years of experience to prepare and file your petition to the exact specifications of the Tax Court. Payment of your tax deficiency will then be postponed up to the point when your case is concluded. For cases involving $50,000 or less, there is a simplified way to proceed in Tax Court for any individual tax year. Commonly, this procedure runs quicker and is not as formal as regular court cases, but neither you nor the IRS may appeal the court's decisions.

If your case needs to be heard on normal channels, the judge's final decision can be appealed, as long as it is done within a specific time frame. The U.S. Court of Appeals will hear your case, and Brian is licensed to practice in this court as well. It is important to note that frequently when using a proven tax lawyer, your case can be settled without the necessity of a trial.

Are you going to court for tax issues? Contact Brian T. Loughrin Tax Attorney today at (407) 955-9846 or online to schedule a meeting with our tax court attorney in Orlando.

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