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How to Survive an IRS Audit

Orlando IRS Tax Relief Attorney

There are two types of IRS tax audits that are normally conducted. One is done through the mail and is for more minor items, such as forgetting to sign a return. The second audit method is an in-person audit, done at your home or place of business. The first rule that Attorney Brian Loughrin would like you to know is that any audit by the IRS cannot be taken lightly, for several reasons.

There are many tax crime types and the penalties for them include steep fines and prison sentences. The IRS does not want to waste resources on an audit that does not, from their viewpoint, produce results. They will do all possible to make your audit a success for them. The second rule, therefore, is to retain a seasoned Orlando IRS tax relief lawyer to assist you. In our office, Brian will personally work with you throughout the entire audit process.

Tax Audit Lawyer in Orlando

With nearly 20+ years of experience in assisting taxpayers, we have developed successful methods of resolving audits. It starts with making certain that your financial records are complete and accurate. If your records are not currently in good shape, we work with you to get them ready for your audit.

If your audit is being done through the mail, we can handle all correspondence with the IRS. We even the playing field by knowing the IRS rules and regulations and how they will apply to your case. It is important that this type of audit be correctly managed as incorrect or incomplete answers can the lead to you being audited for additional years.

With an in-person audit, IRS agents are trained to look for signs of tax fraud or taxpayers who appear to be hiding something. We can be by your side the whole way, talking with the IRS on your behalf. Answers that are given in your audit must be truthful as lying to the IRS is a crime. We make certain, however, to only provide the exact documentation that has been asked for and absolutely no information is volunteered in conversation with the IRS, by you or us. With proper preparation, you can make it through an IRS audit.

Want to know how to survive an IRS audit? Contact an Orlando IRS tax relief attorney to learn how an audit can be successfully managed.

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